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Water Damage Clean Up in Bayville, NJ 08721

Water damage cleanup in Bayville, NJEmergency Residential Water Damage Cleanup

During a water damage disaster, the water will follow the path of least resistance, seeping down to lower floors and soaking up into porous materials, including wood or sheetrock. The damage can be devastating. Possible effects of water damage include welling, warping, discoloration and delamination (or separation of flooring). The longer building materials remain damp, the greater the damage becomes, which is why it is vital that you call the professionals as soon as you experience water damage in your Bayville, NJ home.

With 24-hour emergency service, our water damage restoration experts are always standing by to help.

ServiceMaster of the Shore Area has an excellent reputation built from years of experience successfully restoring homes and commercial properties after water damage. We are licensed and insured, and our technicians are all highly trained in damage mitigation, mold treatment, and other elements of water damage restoration services. They also continue to take courses and keep abreast with the latest industry innovations.

For more information about the water damage restoration process we would bring to your Bayville, New Jersey home, read the general overview we have provided below.

The Drying Process

We always work diligently to complete the drying and restoration of your home as quickly as possible while still providing exceptional quality.

PHASE 1: Emergency Service

As soon as our professional crew arrives on site, they assess the damage. A project manager can provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of damage. As soon as we receive a signed Statement of Authorization from the homeowner, we begin work immediately. We identify which materials can be saved, and get to work drying those out. Depending on the damage, carpet that can be saved may be dried in place, or it may have to be lifted so the carpet pad can be removed. Commercial grade dehumidifiers and high velocity air movers speed up drying and increase the chance of saving your carpet and pad.

Job Site Inspections

To ensure best results, we monitor moisture levels regularly throughout the entire water damage restoration process. In order to do this, we require access to the property during business hours for the duration of the cleanup.

PHASE 2: Reinstallation/Cleaning

If carpeting can be restored, we will do so at this time. This may require installing new pad and restretching the carpeting. Carpet and upholstery will be cleaned, and antimicrobials and deodorizing treatments are applied throughout. Any remaining equipment will also be removed.

PHASE 3: Structural Repairs

If any strucutral damage has occurred, we repair this once the dry-out is completed. For affected walls, ceilings, or floors, removal and replacement of affected materials may be necessary. Depending on the nature of the structural damage, this phase may take place before or after cleaning.