ServiceMaster of the Shore Area

Call: (732) 292-4550

ServiceMaster of the Shore Area

Call: (732) 292-4550

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Residential Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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All carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean include the following:

  1.  NO hidden or surprise charges.
  2.  Special attention is given to all spots at no charge. Although we can not guarantee spot removal, 90% of the spots we encounter are removed safely with our  carpet cleaning methods.
  3.  Furniture movement is included. We will move all furniture with the exception of: hutches, china closets, entertainment centers, or oversized beds. As needed  furniture is placed on plastic pads or styrofoam blocks to prevent wicking onto the carpet.


Premium Carpet Cleaning

manasquan, nj Carpet cleaning is performed with the hot water extraction method, commonly referred to as “steam cleaning.”

How does this work?

Hot water and our carpet cleaning solution are injected deep into the carpet. Then our powerful truck-mounted vacuum extracts the heavy soil, carpet cleaning solution and 90% of the moisture. The carpet will usually be completely dry in 4-6 hours.

Premium Plus Carpet Cleaning

This is the Premium Carpet Cleaning followed by the application of 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector as the final step. What does 3M Scotchgard do?

  • Helps protect against water and oil based stains
  • Helps carpet fibers resist soiling
  • Gives you time to “blot up” spills before they become stains
  • Helps stains release more easily when carpet or upholstery is professionally cleaned
  • Helps keep carpet & upholstery stay clean longer after cleaning

Premium Pet Carpet Cleaning

commercial carpet cleaning This carpet cleaning process includes all of the steps of the premium carpet cleaning with the addition of two products specifically designed for the removal of pet odor. The first product is used to loosen organic based soils (pet soils) and neutralize their odor. Then the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. After the carpet cleaning our second product is applied to help prevent any residual odor from reoccurring.

NOTE- This method is not to be used for pet accidents or spots. It is to be used when the carpet has an overall odor from pet dander or oils from the pet’s skin or hair.

If you wish to change or add to any of the carpet cleaning services that we are performing for you, please ask our technician at the time of service and we will be glad to customize your cleaning needs.